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Week of April 29


Monday 4.29

Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy:
3 rep overhead squat
*work from the rig
*keep core braced throughout all 3 reps, stop building # when core/shoulder stability degrades and positioning is lost.

1-2-3...14-15 of (25min cap):
Power snatch (95/65)
Overhead squats

*50 Double-unders between rounds

Tuesday 4.30

Take 20 mins to work to a heavy complex of:
1 Deadlift + 2 Hang RDL* + 3 Deadlifts

*Performed with straighter legs compared to traditional DL. This contributes to more hamstring stretch/tension. For the "hang" RDL, lower the barbell until hamstring stretch/tension is felt and then lift back up to full hip extension.

4 rounds for time (12min cap):
21 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Box jump-overs (24""/20"")
9 Strict pull-ups

Wednesday 5.1

Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy:
3 rep strict press
*Brace core to prevent leaning backward.
*Aim to get good positioning with head through the 'window' at full arm extension overhead.

3 sets for quality:
8 DBL front-racked KB 90/90 glute rises (sit to kneel)
12 DBL KB Russian swings
40m DBL front-racked KB walk
12 DBL KB Russian swings
8 DBL front-racked KB 90/90 glute rises (sit to kneel) (other side)
Rest 1 minute

3 rounds for quality:
6 Half-kneeling medball lateral tosses (20/14) (R)*
6 Sandbag slams (40/25)**
6 Half-kneeling medball lateral tosses (L)
6 Sandbag slams
*Perform lateral toss over leg that is in front of you
**Perform slam and catch sandbag before it comes to a rest"

Thursday 5.2

With a partner, pick a conditioning movement from the following:
Rower, ski erg, 10m shuttle, bike, burpee, mountain climbers, double unders

For 20 minutes, you will alternate minutes on each conditioning movement. While one partner works, the other rests.
*The goal is to get as many reps/cals as possible of your chosen movement within each minute. Use your partner to push each other to work at near max effort each minute!

3 sets of:
10 Tempo ring push-ups (31x1)
20 Side lateral deltoid raises
10 Tempo ring rows (31x1)
20 Bent-over lateral deltoid raises
Rest :60-:90

Double Tabata (8 mins total, 20secs work, 10secs rest)
Hollow rocks
Glute bridges

Friday 5.3

Take 20 minutes to build to a heavy complex:
3-position power clean*
*1st position is performed from the floor, 2nd position from just above the knee, 3rd position from the hip crease.

For time (20min cap):
100 Toes-to-bar*
*Every time you break, perform 100m run"

Saturday 5.4

@ 0:00-10:00, perform:
400m run w/ DB (50/35)
40 Alt DB snatch
300m run w/ DB
30 Alt DB snatch
200m run w/ DB
20 Alt DB snatch
Rest remaining time

@10:00-20:00, perform:
DB goblet squats
Rest remaining time

Alt box step-ups w/ DB (30""/24"")
Uneven push-up + single-arm DB row (split reps evenly per arm)

Sunday 5.5

Partner/Team WOD!


Day 1

4 sets of:
1 Tempo back squat* (44x1)
20 squat jumps
5 box jumps (30/24)
*back squats are to be heavier than last week

4 sets of:
10 Unbroken squat cleans
80m Farmer carry AHAP

3 sets of:
:60 Sandbag wall sit

Day 2

5 sets of:
1 Jerk w/ 3 sec pause in catch

4 sets of:
10/10 bottoms-up KB press
Max effort ring push-ups
Rest 1 minute

Accumulate 50 GHD sit-ups

Day 3

5 sets of:
4 Weighted pull-ups
Max effort jumping pull-ups
Max effort ring rows
Rest 1 minute

3 sets of:
12/12 Single-arm DB row
80m Sandbag carry

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