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60 minutes
1 specialized workout per day (WOD)
4 - 8 classes offered daily; morning, afternoon and evening

Farmhouse CrossFit programming is for those seeking a constantly varied program to improve and sustain a naturally active lifestyle. We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes with the same workout or "WOD" throughout the day, giving you the flexibility to attend classes that fit your schedule without missing that day's workout.

These classes combine gymnastics, Olympic and power lifting, as well as endurance, maximizing each athlete's particular goals. What do you want to accomplish? Are you looking to build strength? Reduce fat? Or train for a triathlon? Farmhouse CrossFit will not only help you set goals, we will help you achieve them.

Farmhouse CrossFit specializes in nothing and excels in everything.


60 minutes
Monday and Wednesday evening, Saturday morning

We offer Olympic Weightlifting classes 3 days a week on Monday and Wednesday evening, and Saturday morning. These are specialty classes for learning and perfecting Olympic-style lifts. We focus on movements like the "snatch" and "clean and jerk" that specifically target and improve an athlete's overall strength and power. Olympic Weightlifting is not just for experienced athletes. Because this class is a great introduction to weightlifting, we welcome all skill levels. The only requirement is that you've completed your On-Ramp program.



60 minutes
If you’re new to the CrossFit-style workout, our On-Ramp series is a three week program that will get you started and on the right progression path into CrossFit. We start with three, one-on-one sessions with a skilled trainer. Upon completion of the your first three workouts you move up to the beginners class focusing primarily on mechanics, consistency, and the CrossFit form. All workouts are scaled to the individual athlete and include instruction and skill work covering the foundational movements. After you have shown capacity in all the movements, our trainers will progress you to one the regular group WOD’s.

On-Ramp classes are always open to anyone, both experienced and new CrossFit athletes. It’s a great way to learn and refine your movement while building proper technique.


Similar to regular CrossFit classes, the Farmhouse Teen Program combines gymnastics, Olympic and power lifting, as well as endurance, maximizing each athlete’s particular goals. Our teen programming is for kids or students seeking to improve performance in school sports, enhance endurance and agility, or learn how to incorporate key workout fundamentals and activity into their everyday lifestyle. We focus on education, technique and refinement of basic CrossFit movements and mobility. Each workout is easily scalable to all skill levels, athletic ability and gender. We welcome kids of all levels, from those with no athletic background to Varsity athletes.  



60 minutes
Saturday morning

Skeptical? Nervous? Non-committal? Try a class on us! 


We also offer Endurance Training, One-on-One Personal Training, and other Limited Time Programs including bootcamps. For more information or to speak to a trainer about any of our programs, please send us a message on our contact page or visit the Farmhouse CrossFit on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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