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Functional Movement Training

This is the Foundation of Farmhouse Performance Lab. This class is the result of head coach and owner Addison Bain’s eight years of experience and over twenty years in athletics. The “Functional Movement Class” is designed to allow all individuals to be coached at their greatest physical and psychological abilities. It is in this class that you will combine strength, endurance, and functional foundation training that allows you to live a long active life.


Farmhouse Performance Lab specializes in nothing and excels in everything.


This is our “core back to the roots” style of CrossFit: one workout a day, keeping it simple with the intention of each class having a very specific purpose. These classes are programmed and coached to meet all skill levels, regardless of the individual's background in CrossFit.




Farmhouse Performance Lab's Strength Class is built to develop the technical excellence of the foundational lifts; squats, pressing, and deadlifts, as well as the Olympic Lifts; Snatch and Clean and Jerk. This is the class to develop superior strength and power.


Farmhouse Performance Lab’s kettlebell classes are built around a primal movement mindset. This system of training programs is intended to provide the path to optimum human performance, whether that be picking up your grandchildren off the floor or training to enhance your athletic performance. All classes are programmed and scheduled to educate and maximize each client's physical and psychological abilities.


Movement and Mobility

At Farmhouse Performance Lab, we believe recovery is equally, if not more, important than training itself. In our Movement and Mobility class, you learn to properly recover and mobilize through your fitness journey. In this class, you will also learn and be challenged to practice skills that you can take into the “real world” (ie: balance techniques).


Teen Program

Similar to Functional Movement and Strength Classes, the Farmhouse Teen Program combines gymnastics, Olympic and power lifting, as well as endurance, to maximize each athlete’s particular goals. Our teen programming is for kids or students seeking to improve performance in school sports, enhance endurance and agility, or learn how to incorporate key workout fundamentals and activity into their everyday lifestyle. We focus on education, technique and refinement of basic functional movements, and mobility. Each workout is easily scalable to all skill levels, athletic ability, and gender. We welcome kids of all levels, from those with no athletic background to varsity athletes.  


Free Introduction Class

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Closing Thought

We also offer Endurance Training, One-on-One Personal Training, and other Limited Time Programs including bootcamps. For more information or to speak to a coach about any of our programs, please send us a message on our contact page or visit Farmhouse CrossFit on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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