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At Farmhouse CrossFit, our coaches help you achieve measurable results that are sustainable over a lifetime. You'll get direction that gives you what you need at your personal level.



Practicing Crossfit since 2010
Crossfit Level 1 Certified
Education: Fort Lewis College and Lindenwood University for Athletic Training

Addison has been sharing his knowledge and passion of CrossFit for the past 5 years but his passion for fitness and training go beyond the Crossfit community. Prior to becoming CF level 1 certified, Addison raced on the UCI European cycling circuit for Geox Fuji Test Team. He has 4 years of experience in Russian Kettelbell training under his belt and holds certifications in Crossfit, Crossfit Olympic Lifting, USA Cycling, ISSA Personal Training, ISSA Nutrition. Addisons most recent accomplishments include Granite Games 2014, Men's Elite Granite Games 2013 mens elite, and 2013 Alpha Throwdown Mens 1st place.



Practicing Crossfit since 2013
Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Sam found Crossfit while he was training for the military in 2010. After less than ideal results during an Army physical fitness test, Sam knew he had to find a better way to train and help build muscle stamina. While on his first deployment he learned about Crossfit training and its affiliation with elite soldiers and Special Forces. While abroad he taught himself many of the movements but it wasn’t until he returned to the states in 2011 and joined his first Crossfit gym that he really learned what the sport was about. For Sam, the community is the driving factor for his Crossfit passion. All walks of life varying in age and experience come together and share a common bond.

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